We are the Ducks

We are the ducks
We are the ducks
We frollic in the water we are ducks
With feathers on our backs
And guitars in our hands
We thought it would be cool
To start a little band
We are the ducks

With Josh on guitar
He knows just where we are
We'll play our shows and then we'll know
That we're going far

With Lucas on the drums
You know he ain't no bum
He plays the beat
We tap our feet
And start to have some fun

Sami on the bass
We know he's in the right place
But when its time he don't start to whine
He just plays his case

I am Jay
I play guitar today
I'll play it well
Or I'll go to hell
And they'll find another Jay

No ones gonna say
That we cannot play
The songs that we made