They're wrong. (Do they think they're free?)

Multitudes of portrayed roles
Never doing what they're told
Doing things they think are bold
Just to be different

What they do they think is free
Livingin in a world of Anarchy
I'll tell you what they've done to me
You'll see!

Selling drugs on the streets
To anyone whom they might meet
Do they really tink they're free
Not me!

I'm not saying.. They're not human
Only that they're wrong
They may think that.. I'm the bad guy
What happens when they're gone
They're wrong.

The cops sitting on the street one day
May have chance to meet
One of these kids who think they're neat
They're wrong

No one I know will hear me say
What I'm trying to teac today
They're lives are gone and that is all for them
They're wrong