An Ode to the Office Girls!
(Camp Winnebagoe 98')

The Office girls are merry
The Office girls are nice
The Office girls are very clean
And never ever have lice

The Office girls are helpful
The Office girls are kind
Whenever you need paper
They make sure that its lined

Their smiles as you open the door
Always brighten up your day
If you can't find Ben or Jill's Office
They'll gladly show the way!

Camp life without the Office girls
Would be bland and bleek
But because of dedication
They're here every week!

Why do I love the office girls?
Some of you may say?
Because I think that so far
I've seen them everyday!

When they come to the kitchen
For Breakfast, dinner, lunch or snack
They never point their fingers
And exclaim "Ew! Whats that??"

Yes I love the Office girls
And hope you all agree
The only thing I'm wondering is..
Do the Office girls love me?