Callahan's Place

I'll tell you a story
Bout a man from
Another planet in the stars
He flew down to
Destroy our planet but
We convinced him to stop

After he'd stopped
I Bought him a coffee
And said "Bud, whats on your mind?"
He said "My life's a mess
I've got my orders
And I'm torn between the things that I should do!"

At Callahan's Place ya know
You're never wrong
Just discuss it with a friend
No, no enemies, you'll find here
Come on bring a friend a long

A man walked into the bar
With a broken guitar
Lady Mac had bit the dust
He laid her on the bar and cried in his beer
Callahan said that's enough

Now his friend the pianist
Was no where in site when he
Finally walked into the bar
Gun in his hand
Pointed at a man
Who cried when he saw the guitar

What a friend could do
Can't amount to more than the best
That man took the guitar oh, and he fixed it
And now it sounds as good as new
And the gun was just a radio