Southbound to Union Station

As I walk out of my home
Down to the corner tryin' to get to the dome
I walk right donw the to corner of the street
The bus is there and thats where I'll meet

My Buddies who are waiting for me
We get on the bus 1 - 2 - 3
We get to the station, Young and Bloor
All three of us walk right through the door

Getting on the subway the passengers see
That we appear real rowdy

Southbound to Union Station
Famous People on vacation
Many of them big, big stars
Now they aren't going very far

Sitting round playing cards
Turning into tubs of lard
Elvis, Hoffa and Hendrix there
Long gray beards and long gray hair

As the tran comes slowly to a stop
The doors slide open and out we pop
Southbound now, fun fun fun
Getting off at Union Station

Look around no one is there
Walking slowly to the stairs
Now the ones that lead outside
The ones no one can see because they hide

Guarding at the bottom of these hidden stairs
Big wierd mammal with ping hairs
Take a closer look if you dare
A george washington goat over there!

Forgot about the game, I'm not sad
What we're doing now really aint that bad
Marilyn's TV has got HBO
Look its that Seinfeld Television show