PowerShell is Open Source!

| November 3rd, 2016

I’m a bit late posting this (for all the people who don’t read my blog?), but PowerShell is now open source!  What does this mean?  Well for starters it means more community updates, and forks to this already extremely powerful scripting language for Windows.  The other thing that makes this great is that, since Microsoft’s reason for going open source was because they had to rebuild PowerShell to run on Nano Server, which only runs Microsoft DotNet Core, it meant that now all other systems that run DotNet Core (such as Linux and MacOS), can also run PowerShell!  Or, I suppose I should say, will eventually be able to properly run PowerShell.

This is exciting news, because as a PowerShell guy, I now have become a bit more relevant in the Linux and MacOS worlds.  I use a Mac and have admin’d Linux before, but my “bash” scripting is a bit less mature than my PowerShell.

I have to mention though, that I’ve tried PowerShell on both Linux and Mac, and there are some pieces of functionality that aren’t available yet that I use day-to-day, such as the ability to use remote PSSessions.  These are coming, and I even saw a working demo of this at Ignite on an Ubuntu box (running in Azure of course).

I’m extremely pleased to see Microsoft continuing to embrace open source, and bringing something as proprietary as PowerShell to the cross-platform stage.

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