I ran into this issue today trying to copy a file from one of my Raspberry Pi devices (running Raspbian) to another.  Turns out that its related to the space in the path.  Now, I know that you can’t have spaces in Linux file names and/or paths, so I escaped it with a backslash like a good boy; however this did not help.  It turns out, it also needs to be in quotes.  Who knew?

Apparently this guy did: Mike’s Tech Blog

I couldn’t find anywhere to easily get in touch with him to thank him, so I’ll say it here.  Thanks Mike!

A PowerShell Truth…

| June 3rd, 2016
So true its painful...

So true its painful…

Cloud Storage

| November 6th, 2015

Microsoft just announced that they’re pulling back in the reins for their OneDrive offerings: Read about it here.

I don’t disagree that the people using upwards of 75TB to store their Blu-ray collection, or whatever it was, were abusing the limitless storage. What I disagree with is a company using very limited instances of abuse as an excuse to remodel it’s entire offering. I agree with limiting the bottomless Office 365 plan, that probably wasn’t the best idea anyway, but to rein in current, legitimate users when you’ve already given that space, forcing them to have to pare down the data they are storing there to meet your requirements (albeit with 12 months grace to do so) is something else.

Also, Microsoft is said to be changing the free offering as well, from 15GB down to just 5GB. Can someone explain to me how someone, in a paid service, using an impressive amount of disk space, needs to have an impact on the free service? If you want to change your service offering, do it without the excuse. It’s your right to change it whenever and however you feel, but don’t try to make it about a tiny minority of your paid user base.

Anyway, I’m personally getting out of dodge until I see how this plays out. I’m going to look into moving my files into an OwnCloud solution. That way, I’m only limited to the amount of disk I have available, and I can have better control of my files and data overall.

OwnCloud: https://owncloud.org


| October 21st, 2015

Ever wished you could have a shell account to play with?  Maybe you don’t want to install Linux on your own, or you don’t have a school or work system you get to “practice” your Linux skills on.  For those who want to learn, there is SDF.org.

First Post

| September 8th, 2015

This is my first post on my new Blog.  Keep an eye out here for updates on what’s going on in my life!